How To grow your dental practice...fAST

 With Our Evidence-Based principles  That  Link marketing with case acceptance. 

What if everything you ever learned about how to build a dental practice was wrong?
Finally A Proven, Step-By-Step, Time-Tested Recipe...
That Makes The Connection Between What "They" Teach And The Real World Strategies Of How You Actually Build Seven-Figure Practices
What is it that makes doctors feel like we have to work longer and harder before we can enjoy the rewards? 

Dentistry is challenging enough without that added pressure!

Professional practice is rarely as easy as it should be and there are so many seeming contradictions. Of course you're going to be the best clinician you can be, but you've also got to figure out how to run a business, grow and market your practice AND enroll patients in your philosophy of care, often in the same day!
It's tough when there isn't a recipe to follow!

And we should know. Much of our first five years in practice is a blur. We figured more was better, so we acquired more practices (five in two years), spent more on marketing, hired more consultants and tried hard to do more work

In reality, all it amounted to was less. 
  • Less sleep at night
  • ​Less engagement by our team
  • ​Less predictability from patients 
  • ​Less profit inside the practice
  • ​Less time outside the office
  • ​Less enjoyment of our chosen profession...
Nothing The So-Called "Gurus" Taught Seemed To Work...
Why? Because We Didn't Know What We Didn't Know
That much became pretty obvious and after a lot of "trial and error" we discovered the harsh reality that we were the problem inside of our own practices. 

Because dental school didn't teach us anything about marketing or effective communication as they relate to case acceptance. School didn't teach us anything about business.

It was a difficult pill to swallow, but acknowledging it was a necessary step in our development. So we invested in our own development spending time (and a small fortune) with CEOs, authors, coaches, and mentors. People who had accomplished in their business what we aspired to accomplish in ours, and who could provide clarity to our vision. We soon learned that... 
Trying To Grow A Dental Practice Without A Recipe Is Unpredictable
but No more for you because in the program We'll show you how to...

Make your Dental Marketing Easy

Just because the demand for dentistry is there, doesn’t mean your practice is automatically entitled to it. You've got to find ways to set yourself apart from the crowd with a unique identity that attracts the right patients, according to the type of dentistry you want to provide.   

follow a recipe for better Case conversion

If you aren't totally confident in your treatment recommendations, there is no chance your patients will be. The sooner you can stomach that the better! When you truly believe in your solutions then selling is serving and when you follow a proven framework then helping more patients at consult is quite predictable.

Attract New Patients From Social Media

The most successful practices have a strong identity and prospective patients seek them out for solutions.  Our strategy supports and guides you through the new wave of digital marketing using social media to position your solutions as the logical choice in any local or regional marketplace. 

Increase the value of your time

A predictable and profitable practice is one that consistently provides dental solutions to lots of people. If you want to be both well respected and well rewarded for your efforts then controlling your schedule to limit how and when people can demand your time is critical. 

Create a Culture Of respect & growth

Results oriented people with clear parameters for communicating will always thrive, no matter the economic conditions. When excellence is expected then your entire team will be both care and conversion minded, which is exactly what it takes to build a practice focused on win-wins. 

KASH Confidence

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You’ve Already Mastered The Clinical Skills,
Isn't It Time You Practice The Way You Want?
The Doctors Behind Fast Growth Practice!

You'll Learn From 

Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen & Dr. Nate Jeal

We Went Through The Entire Lifecycle Of A Dentist In Less Than A Decade...
  • Bought, built and grew six practices...And counting 
  • ​Sold practices for 2x, 5x, and 6x acquisition cost
  • ​Trained dozens of doctors & associates 
  • ​Gone from more than full-time to less than half time while doing dentistry we enjoy
  • ​Presented 100’s of hours of seminars and trainings live and online
  • ​Created the only full day courses on marketing and prescriptive sales in dentistry
  • ​Founded a boutique marketing company with press packages for growth minded doctors 
  • ​CREATED THE $100,000 DAY FORMULA for starting six figures in new treatment in a single day
Dr. Jeal Speaking to hundreds of dentists in Las Vegas about marketing and conversion.
I went to Las Vegas and Nate and BT presenting LIVE. If you're smart you'll take the same opportunity... Their concepts and courses are excellent. 

- Dr. J Bunkers, CA
This Real-Life Education Taught Us That You Can't Grow A Practice With Free Info Found On The Internet
The Most Valuable Lesson Learned? 
Any one can build and grow a practice...IF they follow the right recipe.  
  • You can choose to work with only happy patients
  • ​You can see quick ROI from your clinical CE
  • ​You can work as little or as much as you want
  • ​You can continually grow in a competitive market
After All That, It's Safe To Say We Learned A Thing Or Two About Growing Dental Practices That Can Now Benefit You 
 Doctors Across North America Agree...
This course will change the way you practice. Dr. Nate Jeal’s approach is one that makes me feel good about the way I talk to patients, and most importantly patients love it too.

Dr. M Ling, ON
What really impressed me is how generous they were. They didn’t hold anything back. They gave all the 'secrets'!"

Dr. J Hulse, TX
GettingThe Right Recipe
Is never an expense. it's an investment in success
Designed to fit into your dental business-owner lifestyle, we lead practice growth sessions live on Zoom (so there's no travel expense and minimal time out of the office).

Greater clarity. More confidence, Proven marketing and conversion tools. Better business. 

In addition you'll gain access to some of our management tools, scripts and formulae. 
Provides A Framework To...
  • Improve practice profitability with our case acceptance protocol
  • Identify "right fit" patients with our new rules for dental marketing
  • Create a culture of no excuses with our operating & auditing systems
  • ​​Drive toward new targets with our principles for practice growth
  • Make practicing dentistry much more predictable and enjoyable
This is a business-focused program that emphasizes care and Conversion.
Who’s The Ideal Dentist
Our approach to business in dentistry is based on what works.
No fluff. No excuses. 

The program is for doctors who want to grow their practice with less stress and fewer frustrations.

New doctors will shave years off their learning curve. Seasoned veterans will look at dentistry in a new light and gain fresh energy. All participants will get an accountability coach to gently nudge them toward new goals.
Dentistry is about more than Seeing Patients...
You Should Also enjoy what You do
The ideal business is one that is predictable, profitable and enjoyable. Dentistry can be all of those and more, but it can easily be none of them too. 
In amongst the confusion, and lack of planning for growth, many wind up doing nothing and waiting for a miracle to happen. 
Slowly, but surely any growth they were seeing grinds to a halt, and they’re left going around in circles. 
The FAST GROWTH PRACTICE program is designed to break that spiral. It helps you identify the under-utilized assets that almost all dentists and their practices have: 
Your abilities to communicate, commit and continuously improve! 
FAST GROWTH PRACTICE takes you through a proven step-by-step process that will help you plan and implement a predictable framework to approach operational and growth oriented challenges. 
Once you’ve mastered them then an easier and more gratifying experience in practice will naturally follow. 
Imagine, what this could do for your business? 
It certainly transformed ours from 24 hour- and 7 day-a-week-stress (we used to fly to Las Vegas for peace and quiet!), to alternating weeks not even entering the office. 
For starters, when you commit to learning with an open mind you’ll be able to concentrate wholeheartedly on your goals, with fewer distractions. 
You’ll be able to steadily employ strategies as we go, even giving yourself the freedom (if you desire it) to step away and improve your work-life balance. 
Your practice increasingly becomes a source of joy, pride and profit.
How much would all of that be worth in your business, and to you? 
The BEST News is you’re In Luck… 
You'll Get Full Access to our practice playbook When You Join Us in class! 
To get to this point today, we’ve spent:
  • More than $1,000,000 on marketing companies and dental consultants
  • ​$140,000 on coaching and mentorship in 2020 alone
  • ​$60,000 a year to join a group of dentists and business growth strategists
  • ​$20,000 up front to spend a single day learning from a marketing and business legend (3 times)
  • ​$12,000 for a single 5 hour 1:1 session via video-conference
  • ​$100,000’s in travel related costs 
It’s allowed us to clean up our message, launch new initiatives and increase business while working fewer hours with better people and processes. 
Now, we’ve put all of that knowledge into the FAST GROWTH PRACTICE program.
Here's a glimpse at What fULL membership includes: 
  • A Seat In The LIVE Mastermind: Guided learning every month with business and practice development tools to set you on the right track for growth. 
  • 30 Module Prescriptive Sales Training:  An evidence-based, conversational framework to increase case acceptance that's accessible 24-7 so you can learn and practice at your own pace.
  • ​Full Day of 2:1 Personal Advising: 7 hours focused on the  challenges and opportunities in your practice with specific action steps identified to meet them head on. Massive value for doctors focused on growth, acquisition, transition.
  • Monthly Accountability Calls: Quick check-ins with our team between mastermind sessions to prompt action steps and answer questions that arise.
  • ​All Of The Recordings: Lifetime password protected access to the recorded mastermind sessions for ongoing study and review.

Our Proprietary $100,000 Day Formula

Imagine having a step-by-step recipe to market and execute a six-figure day in your practice. The "$100,000 Day Formula" comes with personal advising time plus the ads, forms and documents needed to replicate a successful six-figure day for yourself.
"After just one day following their recipe I added $50,000! Thanks SO much for the guidance!"

Dr. V Waich, FL
"I learned a ton at Nate and BT's webinar on Invisalign Day and am so thankful for them!!! I had my first ever Invisalign Day last Saturday and we started 17/19 cases!!!"

Dr. Bianca Boji,

The Only Catch?
Because of the intimate nature of the program, we are committed to limiting the number of participants. Rest assured, we thoroughly vet each and every one. 

Growth can mean many things depending on the person, so for this reason practice size and experience are not the most important criteria for selection. On the other hand, suitability of fit in terms of ambitions, attitudes and abilities around taking action matter very much. 
If You’re A Dentist Who’s Determined to finally practice the way you want...
You Know What To Do:
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